The Herr family is in their fourth generation in the construction, environmental and trucking industry.

In addition to all of the services we offer, The Herr Corporation also offers building demolitions, excavation, driveways,
storm sewers, finish grading and heavy earth moving.

Founder Richard D. Herr

Septic Systems Waukesha WI - Herr CorpRichard D. Herr has been in the plumbing and excavating business for over fifty years. Richard has an exceptional reputation and maintains a long history of working with both the local Town and Village governments of western Waukesha County as well as with Waukesha County Park and Planning. His company has designed and constructed hundreds of ponds, septic systems, mound systems and more. Richard is very familiar with all of the zoning and approvals required to complete varying types of developments. More about Richard here.

President Michael R. Herr

Michael R. Herr is the fourth generation of his family to be in the plumbing industry. Michael is a Master Plumber specializing in the design and installation of mounds and septic systems. Michael has worked on Herr’s main crew for over 25 years; designing and installing hundreds of mounds and septic systems for both large commercial projects, as well as many residential projects. Mike’s experience includes site work, sewer and water mains and laterals, and septic and mound systems for hundreds of projects. He has worked closely with his father in the planning of storm drainage systems and site grading. Michaelherr@live.com

Herr Corporation on the jobAnn Cataldo – Certified Soil Tester and Master Plumber

Ann Cataldo is licensed as a Certified Soil Tester and Master Plumber-Restricted. She has been with Herr since 1994. Ann has done thousands of soil tests in all SE Wisconsin counties. and has performed preliminary borings for multiple subdivision developments. Ann@herrcorp.com

Deborah M. Longley – Treasurer

Deborah has been with Herr Corporation since 1994. She oversees the day to day office operations. Prior to her employment with Herr Corporations, Deborah had previously worked in Restaurant Management and as an Office Manager for an agricultural services firm. deb@herrcorp.com