Sewer Camera Work

Sewer Line Inspection

No sewer cleaning is complete without a sewer camera televised inspection of the pipe to make absolutely certain the blockage has been successfully and completely removed.

We get a LOT of customers who contact Herr Construction after other sewer cleaners have ‘cleaned’ their sewer repeatedly over weeks or months, but backups still occur. What we find is some blockages such as grease or roots, cannot be felt by a sewer machine.


Sewer Camera Work Must Be Used to Confirm Blockage is Gone

No matter how many times the sewer cleaner went back and forth with a sewer machine, they never felt the blockage. Because they did not feel the blockage, they pronounce to the customer that their problem is solved only to have another backup days or weeks later.


Sewer Camera Work is Critical to Success

Sewer camera work is critical to a successful blockage removal. Would a doctor operate on you without first reviewing X-rays, and MRIs? Of course not, so how can a sewer cleaning company tell a customer their blockage has been removed, if they never used a sewer camera to look in the pipe?

With sewer work, it is imperative to use the camera to determine what the blockage is, where the blockage is, and after a repair, to make certain the blockage or source of the blockage has been completely removed or repaired.


Sewer Cameras Can Catch Blockages Early

Sewer Cameras can also perform great proactive sewer inspections. If a blockage such as grease or roots is caught early, trenchless methods of repair can be used through the pipe. If root masses are allowed to go unchecked, they can cause blockages so severe, that excavation is required.

Sewer Camera Work

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