Septic System Pumping & Maintenance

Septic System Pumping & Maintenance

The single most important thing you can do to maintain your septic system is to have the septic tank(s) pumped regularly.  Wisconsin Plumbing Code SPS 83 requires that systems be inspected and pumped (if needed) at least once every three years.  This schedule may work for some homeowners, but some may need more frequent maintenance.  All systems installed since 2001 require the use of an effluent filter in place of an outlet baffle.  Most systems cannot go three years without having the effluent filter cleaned.  Effluent filter cleaning is a task that can be done by the homeowner and should be able to be accomplished from outside of the tank.  NEVER ENTER THE SEPTIC TANK FOR ANY REASON.  IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND COULD RESULT IN DEATH.   There are detailed effluent filter cleaning instructions on this website.  Some homeowners, however, find this chore physically challenging and distasteful, as tank covers can be heavy and septic odor is not pleasant.  This is when you should contact your septic pumper to pump your tank and clean your filter.  Herr automatically cleans filters when they pump your septic tank, but this is not true of all pumpers.  You should verify with your pumper that filter cleaning is included in the price.

How often your septic tank(s) should be pumped or your filter cleaned is going to vary with each individual homeowner.  The more people residing in the home, how much you cook and/or eat at home, your laundry habits, the use of garbage disposals, the number of tanks and the age of the system can all affect how often your system will need maintenance.  Use your own common sense in determining your maintenance schedule.  Failure to maintain your system could result in effluent backing up into your house or on the surface of the ground and could cause failure of your system field.  The cost of pumping is far less than clean-up, emergency repairs or system replacement.

How much the septic pumping costs, is directly related to the number of tanks and the gallon capacity of your septic system.  Older conventional systems frequently only have one septic tank.  Mound systems always have a pump tank in addition to the septic tank.  Systems installed after 2001 usually will have a two compartment tank or a two tank system in addition to any pump tank (if needed).   A one single chamber tank with an effluent filter would need to have the filter cleaned as often as monthly, so installers began to regularly use designs with dual compartment tanks after 2001. 


Below is a chart for the cost of pumping the most common sized septic systems within a 25 mile radius of our shop.  The cost includes up to 150’ of hose use and the cleaning of the filter.  HERR does not charge additional for cleaning filters.  You should have your covers exposed (digging out covers is additional) and the tanks unlocked on the day of your service.

1 single compartment tank                  

1 dual compartment tank                      

1 single compartment tank and pump tank                        

2 tanks                                                        

1 two compartment tank and pump tank                            

2 tanks and pump tank                           

The cost for pumping varies on the size of the System. The cost INCLUDES up to 150ft of hose, filter cleaning (if you have one), and a thorough look over the System to make sure it is functioning properly. We will also inform you if any problems are noted. You should have your Manhole Covers exposed if they are buried or obstructed in any way. HERR does charge extra for digging Manhole Covers. If you have your own locks, please unlock them or leave the keys in them on the day of Service. If you know exactly what type of System and how many Tanks you have GREAT! If you need assistance in determining this, we can help. For pricing, please call the Office @ 262-968-2550 or you can use the email application below.


If you would like to schedule a septic pumping, please feel free to contact us by telephone  262-968-2550 or fill out the form.  Please give us your name, address, telephone number, number of tanks and the permit or ID number from your County pumping verification card, if you received one. 

If we have pumped you in the past, we should have your tank information on our database.  We will get back to you with a price confirmation and scheduling date.  You do not need to be home for the pumping.  We just need to know where in the yard the tanks are located, whether we can use your driveway (additional charge over 150’) and how you would like to pay.  You may leave a check or we accept Discover, MasterCard or VISA.

Please feel free to contact us with questions (answers are free)

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