Sewer Installation

Sewer Installation by Herr Construction

Herr Construction has been connecting homes and businesses to sewer (and water) for four generations. Whether gravity sewer or pressure sewer, Herr’s expertise will ensure the project is performed to the most stringent standards.

Here at Herr, our goal is to minimize the potential for any future repair issues or blockages. Herr Construction installs sewer and water for new construction or those existing homes converting from septic to municipal sewer.

Most municipalities, when providing municipal sewer, provide a connection at the front lot line. In some instances where the connection requires road opening to tap (connect to) the main, we perform that service as well.


New Sewers are Installed with PVC Pipe

Older sewers were installed using clay, cast iron, and sometimes concrete. At each point, these types of materials where the pipes connected (joints) did not remain water-tight and allowed for root infiltration at many of the joints.

Newer sewers are typically installed using PVC pipe, which because of solvent welding (a type of gluing), creates a seamless pipe with no weak points at the joints, allowing for a more water-tight joint that will last longer. This type of pipe has much less potential for root infiltration.

Many sewers are installed beneath the basement floor gravity to the sewer main. This is because the sewer is deep enough to flow gravity from that depth. In some cases, the sewer main is shallow and requires the plumbing to exit through the basement wall instead of under the floor to flow gravity to the sewer main. In this instance, plumbing at the basement level (i.e. floor drain, laundry tub, laundry, etc.) would require a sanitary sump crock to pump up to the elevation where the pipe goes through the wall. All plumbing from the upper floors flows gravity out the house to the sewer main.

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