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Herr Construction has served families and businesses in Merton, WI for decades.

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Merton, WI

For decades Herr Construction has been serving the Merton area doing Soil Tests, Septic Installations, Septic Pumping, and Septic & Sewer Repairs. In fact for four generations we have been serving Merton and the surrounding areas. Many of the local Subdivisions have used Herr Construction for their Soil Testing. Soil (‘Perc’) Testing needs to be performed on all lots to determine what type, what size, and the location of a POWTS (Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System). Soil Testing determines if the soil is suitable for a Conventional (gravity) System, a Mound System, or if soil does not pass for either of those, a Holding Tank. Soil Testing is extremely important.

Merton Oaks Subdivision used Herr for all of their Soil Testing as well as some of the Septic Installations. Other Subdivisions Herr Construction has performed a lot of work in are: Bark River Estates, Bark River Crossing, Blackhawk Farms. You may have seen Herr Construction trucks and equipment at Beaumont Ridge doing work there. We were also instrumental in the Mae’s Walke Subdivision performing much of the original Soil Testing and installing Septic systems throughout the subdivision. Tail Winds Trail in Merton also used Herr for much of their POWTS work as did Blackhawk Farms.

The County requires POWTS maintenance every three years. This maintenance includes Septic Pumping and Inspections. Many Merton Residences have used Herr to pump their Septic Systems, clean filters, and maintain their Systems so that they remain in good working order.

It was at a lot we working on in Merton in the Bark River Crossing subdivision, that we noticed on the survey, an area marked as protected due to a Native American ceremonial mound that was on the back of the lot.

Herr Construction has served families and businesses in Merton for decades. Merton has both mound systems and conventional (in-ground) system soil conditions. The glaciers were good to this part of Waukesha County, depositing substantial areas with optimum soil for onsite wastewater treatment (i.e. septic systems).

Sewer pipe lining

Definitely a major part of the “Lake Country”, Herr Construction has worked on many of the homes on the lakes in Merton. Lake Keesus, North Lake, Beaver Lake, Moose Lake, and Okauchee Lake make Merton such a great destination for those who like to fish, boat, and recreate on the lakes. There are also many residents who live on the lakes whom Herr Construction has helped with soil testing, septic systems, holding tanks, and other kind of systems that allow people to live on lots with unique characteristics, such as sloping, wooded, and sometimes lots with limited space.

Herr Construction offers all of our septic related services to Merton residents: Septic tank pumping, septic system repairs and replacements, design and installation of septic systems, sewer camera and sewer cleaning work, sewer jetting, sewer lining, are just some of the services we offer.

So whether you currently live in Merton or are looking to relocate there, Herr Construction can help with soil testing a lot, designing a mound or septic system, or maintaining (pumping, filter cleaning, evaluating) your existing system.

With almost 100 years of installing septic systems, you will not find anybody else with that type of experience.

What our clients say

We hired Herr to install a new holding tank on our property and they were very responsive and professional when it came to letting us know our options and what we should do. The cost was straight forward and there were no hidden fees later once the job was done. We ran into some abandoned utility lines and other things on our property once they started digging and they did a great job of calling in the power company to figure out what everything was. Highly recommend Herr for your septic/holding tank needs.

Bridget Van Lare

We were up against a time constraint during the sale of our house when we called on Todd and his crew to inspect our septic system that they had installed 27 years ago.

They made time in their schedule to inspect it and make a few minor repairs that were needed in time for the closing. Thank you Todd and crew for a job well done!!

Dan Sikora

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