Sewer Cleaning

 Sewer Cleaning Methods Differ Depending on the Job

Need sewer cleaning? Contact a preferred company like Herr Corporation.

Herr Construction uses several different methods to clean sewers. Some of the methods Herr Construction uses to clean sewers include high-pressure jetting, the use of sewer machines to physically cut roots out of a sewer, and Herr Construction also has a unique method of vacuum extraction for such blockages as grease.

Herr also has a line of amazing enzyme and bacteria-based products that can help keep a sewer (and drains) clean once the blockages are removed.


Sewer Cleaning by Herr Corp Offers Advice on Blockage Prevention

To minimize your potential for blockages, do not flush ‘Wipes’ of any kind. Do not knowingly pour pans of grease or cooking oil into a sewer. Minimize or eliminate the use of a garbage disposal.

Not all sewer machine attachments are the same. If a sewer cleaner has one attachment they like (the most common one is spiral shape), the spiral shape attachment isn’t going to cut roots. A spiral-shaped one might wind through some toilet paper which won’t do the job properly.

At Herr Construction we choose the proper attachment to do the right job. We use cutters for roots, not a spiral shape that will merely wind through them with little to no results.

Sewer Cleaning by Herr

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